Cellular Zone LCD Refurbish Program

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Welcome to Cellular Zone

Cellular Zone is a wholesale distributor quality cellphone parts to professional repair businesses and hobbyists alike. Here, we offer to refurbish your cracked screens in a timely and professional manner. This refurbishing service is for the companies that want to save money by recycling their old cracked screens, and don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling their cracked screens & buying new parts.

If you are interested in just buying our parts, visit us here.

Refurbish Policy

What we can refurbish and what we will not refurbish
We will refurbish the following:
  1. Fully functional touch
  2. Good digitalizer
  3. Original only
*Note: We will refurbish the LCD if it fits the three above requirements even if it is pink or burn.

We will not refurbish the following:
  1. Defective touch
  2. Bad digitalizer
  3. Copy/Aftermarket
  4. Heavily distorted colors
Payment & Testing
After receiving any screens, we will test and count the quantity that was given in the package regardless of what was submitted in the refurbish request. We will only start refurbishing after receiving confirmed payment. You will receive an email when payment is confirmed.

Defective Rates & Return

Our defective rate is currently at 5%. We guarantee satisfaction by offering warranty for any and all defectives for 90 days. We will send you replacements.

We will warranty the following:
  1. LCD is dead on arrival
  2. Touch function of the LCD does not work
  3. Frame is damaged
  4. Bubble
We will not warranty the following:
  1. Physical damage & water damage
  2. Any LCD that has been damaged during repairs or placed on customer's phones.
We mark each and every LCD we refurbish with a stamp that signals it belongs to our company. If the stamp is missing or has been removed, the warranty is void. We will not replace any LCDs that does not have our stamp.

Refurbishing Process

Step 1. The refurbishing process starts here. After reading our process & policy, submit a refurbish request in the refurbish tab.

Step 2. Package your cracked screen LCDs (carefully), write down the unique refurbish request ID (you will get after submitting) on the package, and ship it with tracking to Cellzone USA (3212 N Jupiter Rd #119, Garland TX 75044).

Step 3. We test your package to determine the amount of LCDs that we are able to refurbish. We give you the results after testing (1-2 days after arrival depending on QTY), and you confirm whether you want to refurbish or not. We will send you back the LCDs that we are not able to refurbish (Defective LCDs with bad digitizers and non-working touch function).

Step 4. After you confirm and pay, we will start refurbishing. The amount of days it takes will depend on the quantity you sent in.

Step 5. We send you your refurbished LCDs!