Cellular Zone LCD Buyback Program

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Here at Cellular Zone, we offer to buy back any cracked screen LCDs that meet our guidelines. We’ve bought over tens of thousands of cracked screen LCDs, offering competitive pricing, and accurate testing for our sellers.


How do I sell to you?
There are two ways to sell to us: locally & online. Anyone located near Dallas, Texas is welcome to come directly to our shop or schedule a pick-up. We will test your crack screens in a timely manner, and report you the results as well as the total payment for your crack screens. You can also sell to us online, directly on this site. Please prefer to the instruction section for more information.

Do I get my bad crack screens back?
After receiving your package, and thoroughly testing it, we will report to you the results. If there are defective / aftermarket / pink / bad backlight screens, we will separate them and offer you an opportunity to take it back or sell them to us. The good crack screens however, we will keep and pay for them.

How do you test?
We manually test the screens with a human tester rather than machine. Each package is tested by two different testers to ensure accuracy. These are the things we will check for: How do you determine the ratings?
How much are you buying for?
You can find our prices at: http://recellzone.com/pricing.php

What’s the average good to bad LCDs ratio?
It ultimately depends on the condition that the crack screens is stored in. We have anywhere from 100% good (super rare) to 95% bad LCDs (super rare as well). If the crack screen LCDs were packaged well (and USPS didn’t drop kick it on the way here), the average ratio is 70% good & 30% bad.

Do you offer refurbishing right now?
Yes, we do. Please click here for more information.

Instructions – Online selling

  1. Make an account. This will ensure that you are updated on every step of the process.
  2. You will have to request to sell, fill in the quantity that you are selling, (If you are unsure if your LCDs are original or aftermarket, input in everything as original. We will test it and let you know) indicate whether you prefer payment in PayPal or check, and submit.
  3. You will notice in your dashboard a sale order with a unique ID. You will need to write this unique ID on your package somewhere noticeable before you ship. It will also indicate that you will need to input a tracking number before the sale request is confirmed. We currently do not offer free shipping labels as of right now. You will have to ship, and get a tracking number. After you’ve done both, come back to the website and submit the tracking number to confirm the sale request.
  4. The website will track your package to when it arrives to our store. It will also indicate when we’re testing, and when we’ve completed testing. Testing should only take 1-3 business days depending on quantity.
  5. After testing is complete, you will get an email. It will link you back to your account to the sale request. Under the section, Action, there will be the notice “View." Click on “View” to go to the results of the testing as well as the total price for your crack screen LCDs.
  6. Our website will also ask you to confirm whether you want to sell to us after you’ve viewed the results. After hitting yes, it will indicate to our store that you are wanting to sell. Due to the volume of cracked screen LCDs we process, it may take a few days for the PayPal payment to come. If you ask for check, it will also take a few days for the check to arrive in mail (We will also send you tracking # for that check’s arrival). If you hit no, you will have to send us a return shipping label, and we will send you back your crack screen LCDs.
  7. Get money. You’re done!