Cell Zone USA Inc. Refurbish Training 

Due to recent requests by our clients and inquiry from third party sources, we at Cell Zone USA Inc. have decided to begin a formal Refurbish Training Pilot Program! These training modules will consist of three days of intensive on site training at our state of the art refurbish facility in Richardson, TX. During your three-day stay at our facility you and your team will learn the basic, intermediate, and advance skills and techniques to tackle one of the most complex yet fulfilling part of mobile repair, Glass Refurbishing! You/your team will receive your training in daily tiers in which your next day training will build off of the previous day’s trainings. You will end you stay with full knowledge of refurbishing procedures, materials, and processes with hands on experience and an official Cell Zone USA Refurbish Certification with 1 year refurbish technical support available to all graduates! A sample of training curriculum are as follows:

Day 1Refurbish Basics: You will learn the basic fundamentals of iPhone and iPad refurbishing processes. From testing and grading, to separating, cleaning, and laminating! You will acquire knowledge of basic techniques, verbiage, and machine use.

            Ex. iPhone 5, 6, 6s, 6P, 6sP, 7, 7P

                  iPad Air 2, Mini 4, Pro 9.7

Day 2Intermediate Refurb Techniques: You will build onto your previous training and add other flagship refurbish techniques including optimum Samsung separation techniques and flat screen Samsung laminating times, materials, and machine use.

            Ex. Samsung S3, S4, S5, S6, S7

Day 3 – Advanced Refurb/Exit Training: You will finalize your training modules with the most sought after experience in the refurbish world, Edge screen refurbish techniques and procedures! This includes separating from edge frame, cleaning and laminating with proven methods that produce the highest success rates possible.

            Ex. Samsung S6 Edge, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, iPhone X

In your final day you will have learned all the skills to begin to mold your craft and execute in your own locations.